Local Eatery Pompano Joe’s is One of the World’s Best Beach Restaurants

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Finding award-winning restaurants in Destin, FL isn't difficult because the culinary scene is extremely diverse. You will find plenty of eateries where you can fill your stomach with all kinds of coastal influenced cuisine, such as Pompano Joe's. Specializing in Caribbean-influenced seafood meals, Pompano Joe's can be found a short drive away on … [Read more...]

High Intensity Exercises to try at Legacy on the Bay’s Fitness Center

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Apartments in Destin with a fitness center are the best place to kick up your New Year's training routine a notch or two. As you're working toward your fitness goals, here are a few high intensity exercises that build strength in your legs and core. First-position plie squat: Stand in your apartment fitness center with your heels touching and toes … [Read more...]

Search for comics and collectibles at TBS Comics

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Are you a collector in Destin? Have you been hunting for a new comic book store to pick up the lastest issues of Marvel, DC, Image or Dark Horse? If so, fans and collectors of comic books living at Legacy on the Bay can check out TBS Comics on Mary Esther Boulevard in Fort Walton Beach. This comic book store is located about 30 minutes to the west of … [Read more...]

Don’t overlook these decluttering secrets

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One of the best ways to keep an apartment comfortable and roomy is with good organization. There are many ways to tidy things up and make areas neater, but a few apartment living tips can help you clear away clutter in unexpected ways. Like any task in life, and in the home, there are likely a few organizing tips that you might not be aware of. So, … [Read more...]

Long Term Apartment Renting has its Benefits

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Apartment renting in Destin comes with differing lease periods and it is true that long term apartment renting has its benefits. Here are some of the benefits you'll find from settling into a long term lease: Rent Control – Landlords love long term renters as it keeps penetration and profit up. Set rent control with your landlord for a period … [Read more...]